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Split roller bearing with plummer block

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Split roller bearing with standard plummer block SPL series






  •  Outer cover
  •  Outer ring
  •  Inner ring
  •  Clamping ring
  •  Cylindrical Roller+Cage assembly

-Plummer block


Comfortable rectification from spherical bearing


Solid spherical bearings are normally used together with split SN,SD plummer blocks.

Blocks are split,therefore easy assembly expected,nevertheless fitting and dismantling

solid bearings are very difficult and take long time.(You have to remove all of the neighborhood parts.)

SPL series split bearing can be fitted in existing plummer block,

in place of spherical bearing,without any modification.


Note : For loacation position BR type i applied,whereas BX type should be ordered for

floating position.


Special features


-Every main component has two halves.

-Outer ring and inner ring has angled joints to ensure continuity of contact with rollers.

-Two halves of inner ring are fully fitted on shaft by two clamping rings.

-When fitting two halves of inner ring on shaft, there shiuld be a gap at the joint in

 order to ensure full contact between the bore of inner ring and shaft. The gaps differ

 from the sizes,0.35mm to 0.55mm.

-Cage is made of aluminum or brass, and  its types differ from bearing size,from small size

 bore disk type cage is applied whereas window type cage is used for middle&big

 size bore.(SPL:bearing with disk type cage,SPLW:bearing with window type  cage)

-For fitting in misalignment positions,the joint surfaces between outer cover and outer

 ring are rounded in order for self aligning.


Note :  Rating life of split bearings is applied in calculation method of solid cylindrical roller bearing.





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